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Janetian Studies is the electronic journal of the Institut Pierre Janet. It welcomes papers from the Institut members in all fields related to Pierre Janet and his researches, including any sub-discipline of contemporary psychology, philosophy, medicine, mental health care and history. Full-text access to all papers is available for free. No registration or subscription is required.

SUBMISSION INFORMATION All contributions are to be made electronically directly to the journal e-mail address. Research articles as well as articles of more general interest are welcome. These will be published under different headings in the Journal and submission requirements vary from section to section.
The address for all contributions is postmaster@pierre-janet.com

  • All contributors must provide name, current position, qualifications, e-mail address and URL.
  • Papers can be electronically submitted in either HTML, Microsoft Word, Acrobat (PDF), or RTF formats.
  • Figures may be in JPEG, GIF, or TIFF formats. All figures and tables must be placed where you would like them to appear in print, at the proper location in the document.
  • The format of headings, tables, figures, citations, references, and other details should follow the (APA) style.

Research and applications articles : These are scholarly articles, e.g. reports of relevant research. These should be around 5000 - 10.000 words in length. An abstract of around 100 words should be provided.

Essays and opinions : These are contributions that may be scholarly or may be more a report of a health care success, a pilot study, a report on research in progress, or a well articulated opinion. These papers should be no greater than 4000 words in length. An abstract is not required.

Reviews of print and electronic resources and other discussions.

REVIEWING PROCESS Research and application manuscripts are selected for publication in Janetian Studies based on the Editorial Board assessment of their suitability. Essays and Review manuscripts are selected based on the assessment of the Editor in Chief.

PUBLISHING CYCLE Even though the Journal is divided into volumes for convenience, papers are presented on the internet immediately when they are accepted for publication. A disk archive of the contents of Janetian Studies is maintained by the Institut Pierre Janet.

COPYRIGHT INFORMATION Copyright remains with the author. Papers submitted for publication will not have been published elsewhere. If an article is re-published elsewhere it must include a statement that it was originally published in Janetian Studies. Copies of articles in this journal may be made for teaching and research purposes free of charge and without securing permission. For all other purposes, permission must be obtained from the Institut Pierre Janet.